28 January 2010

A Christmas miracle

So, I want to update this blog more in 2010, since my camera's been repaired for the moment, and since I have been knitting a bit more lately. I can't believe I went a whole year without posting anything.

Besides things for my soon-to-arrive nephew, I made a quick hat for my mother-in-law, for our upcoming family ski trip (March 2010). Her favorite color is chartreuse, so I appropriated some Lion Wool in the Dill Pickle colorway.

I knew I wanted to make a warm, cabled hat, but I didn't want anything that would take too much time. I decided to try
Tuesday's Miracle (PDF), which was designed by Shanny, a Knit Knack friend, new mama, and author of the blog Welcome to the Knitosphere. Shanny actually created the hat one weekend during a bedside vigil for her grandmother, Nonny, who made a miraculous comeback and was home by Tuesday - hence the name.

The wide-set cables were really fun to knit, and the instructions are very clear. I also love how the top of the hat looks like a flower!

I'd definitely recommend this project for a knitter who wants to try cables but is comfortable knitting hats in the round.

My photography skills are still kind of elementary level, though my husband got me a little studio with lights for Christmas. So far I have used it wrong most of the time, but I'm learning! ^_^

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